Student Support

Our students are the foundation of the university. We are committed to providing the support you need to help you succeed!  Below are a number of helpful links to get you started, and please do not hesitate to contact someone at the School of Music for more assistance.

Undergraduate Tuition, Scholarships, Awards, & Financial Aid

1. Wisconsin makes financial sense

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a highly ranked, world-class university that offers a cost-competitive tuition. Music majors at Madison benefit from individual attention within the School of Music, and have access to the opportunities of a premier research institution.

We offer a reciprocal tuition relationship for Minnesota residents. To find out additional information about the Wisconsin-Minnesota Reciprocity Agreement, or to access current tuition information you can visit the Office of the Bursar webpage.

All prospective incoming undergraduates are considered for merit-based School of Music scholarships at the time of audition. Scholarships are offered to students who distinguish themselves as outstanding musicians through their musical backgrounds and by their audition performance, and who demonstrate outstanding potential for success in the music major at UW-Madison. Most scholarships are offered for a full four-year period and may range on a yearly basis from $500-$10,000.

Bucky’s Tuition Promise guarantees scholarships and grants to pay for tuition & segregated fees for students whose household adjusted gross income (AGI) is $56,000 or less. Incoming freshmen will receive eight (8) consecutive semesters (4 years) of free tuition & segregated fees and transfer students will receive four (4) semesters (2 years).

2. To be eligible for School of Music scholarships

All applicants who have auditioned in-person* on a regular audition date, who have been admitted to the university by general admissions, and for whom we have a complete School of Music application file will be considered for a scholarship. No additional application is needed.

Please see the School of Music Undergraduate Admissions page for our application and audition deadlines.

Most final decisions on scholarships will be made after the last audition in spring. Students are notified electronically after decisions are made.

*Not applicable in 2020-21 due to all-virtual auditions. All students who complete a virtual audition will be eligible for scholarships.

3. Requirements for scholarship students

  • Participate in an appropriate School of Music performing organization. Pianists must enroll for accompanying.
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.00
  • Maintain satisfactory progress toward a music degree and complete a minimum of 12 credits per semester.

4. Other Financial Aid Resources

We highly recommend that students seek whatever scholarships or grants may be available through the UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Services. Please note that financial aid offers through UW Student Financial Services may be adjusted if a student receives a School of Music scholarship.

We also encourage students to conduct independent scholarship and award searches. The following sites may help:

Scholarships at UW

UW Alumni Scholarships

School of Music Alumni Association

Graduate Support

All candidates for the graduate program are considered for funding awards. See the Graduate Admissions page for details.

Counseling & Mental Health

Counseling Support

Student support at UW-Madison reaches beyond finances. Our faculty and staff at the School of Music care deeply about their students. We understand that sometimes life gets tough, and students need someone to talk to. While we treat our students like family, we strongly encourage them to seek professional help through Counseling and Consultation Services. This on-campus resource is available for students, parents, faculty, and staff. C&CS offers face-to-face appointments, group counseling, as well as a 24-Hour Mental Health Crisis Services Hotline. No problem is too small, and mental health is vital for all of our students.

Musician’s Health Resources

Performing Arts Health Resources

The Mead Witter School of Music offers a variety of resources for students. Both prevention and treatment of music-related injuries is important. Check this page for further information.

Jobs and Gigs

Student Job Center

This university website lists dozens of jobs for students.


SuccessWorks is a place where L&S students from all majors can explore their interests, connect with others who share their passions and develop skills they need to take their next steps toward success.

Hire a Musician 

The School of Music maintains a blog for posting part-time job opportunities, as well as gigs in the area, and other professional development opportunities. We encourage students to take advantage of these postings to improve their resumes while earning a few extra dollars along the way.

Students with Disabilities

ADA Compliant

The University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, including the School of Music facilities, is ADA compliant. If you are having trouble finding information you need, or would like to suggest a change to information you have found, please contact the ADA Coordinator at 608-263-7400.

Here are some other helpful resources for students with disabilities:

International Students