The School of Music recognizes the importance of the College of Letters & Science Policy. That policy limits faculty and instructional staff absences to 10 days (2 working weeks) per contract period. This period includes Welcome Week and the final exam period. A Dean’s approval is required for absences in excess of two week and requires a different form.

Performing faculty are expected to carry out their research and outreach activities off campus during the academic year which may require them to be away for more than 10 week days. The nature of private one-on-one studio lessons, however, allows greater scheduling flexibility than classes, the College norm, involving large numbers of students. With careful and deliberative planning, studio faculty members can carry out important off-campus performance activities while still meeting all of their expected teaching responsibilities and duties.

We have requested flexibility from the College policy in order to accommodate the needs of some studio faculty members. With the SoM Director’s prior consent, studio faculty may be absent from campus for up to 3 weeks (15 days) per semester provided:

— they adhere strictly to the Policy Regarding Make Up Lessons (see below)
— requests to be absent for more than 8 working days at any one single time will be reviewed in advance by the Director and B&P Committee
— requests to be absent for more than 15 days in any one semester would be a rare occurrence and would require prior approval from the Dean of the College of Letters & Science.
— in all cases, faculty should inform the Director of expected absences as soon as possible


Studio instruction is highly valued as one of the dominant instructional modes within the School of Music. It is incumbent on studio faculty members to make up all private lessons they miss and to do so in as timely a manner as possible. Faculty and instructional staff cannot ask students to make up lessons during times they have other classes or course meetings, nor can they ask students to make up lessons over the weekend or when the University is not in instructional session. Master classes and other kinds of group studio instruction may be handled through colleague coverage or through rescheduling. We understand that any adaptation of Collage policy represents a privilege that should not be abused.


Approved by Joyce Helt, College of Letters & Science HR, Sept. 2014