View of the Madison isthmus from Bascom Hill. State Street leads up to the State Capitol.

Why Wisconsin?

Students come to UW-Madison from all over the world, having heard that it offers a unique ambiance that they are hard-pressed to find elsewhere. And they are not disappointed.

We are smart, relaxed, friendly, and culturally aware. Our campus is nestled on the side of a picturesque Madison lake where visitors often spend summer afternoons listening to live music, socializing with friends and family, and savoring the sunset. City restaurants offer tasty cuisine from around the world to fit all budgets. Madison is bike-friendly and offers great bus transportation. We are No. 1 for “Green Cities,”   No. 4 for “Best Cycling Town,” and we’re in the top ten for most satisfied residents.

Our School of Music reflects all of these qualities. We offer a non-competitive environment; talented, innovative faculty; and multiple opportunities to expand your horizons into the larger city and University community.

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