Integrative Medicine

The Mead Witter School of Music connects students interdisciplinary program of services designed to assist students’ pursuit of healthy mind, body, and spirit. The University Health Services make many of these options accessible and affordable for students.


There are many yoga groups offered on campus, while yoga groups offered through UHS require a staff referral. These yoga groups are intended for students who currently receive services at UHS. Whether you seek UHS services to improve mental or physical health, yoga can be a part of a comprehensive wellness plan. Talk to a UHS provider for a referral to the yoga group.

Yoga Classes Offered on Campus:
Yoga Information

Acupuncture—which stimulates points on the body using fine needles, finger, or hand pressure—is an efficient, inexpensive method that can relieve discomfort and pain and reduce the effects of stress.

For more information on Acupuncture treatments available on campus, visit


Massage can decrease stress, relax the mind and body, diminish pain, decrease depressive and anxious feelings, increase concentration, and promote healthy sleep.

Massage is offered year-round at UHS. Fifty-minute sessions cost $40. Cash and personal checks (made out to the massage therapist) are accepted for payment.

To make an appointment, please visit the UHS website.