Our Staff

Main Office: music@music.wisc.edu (608) 263-1900
Susan C. Cook Director director@music.wisc.edu (608) 263-1900
Jeanne Engerman Academic Department Manager jengerman@wisc.edu (608) 263-5972
Wendy Johnson Assistant Director assistantdirector@music.wisc.edu
(608) 263-4018

Gary Barnes Accountant gary.barnes@wisc.edu (608) 263-1901
Dan Brice Instrument Technician dan.brice@wisc.edu (608) 263-3096
Anne Brutosky Payroll & Benefits Coordinator anne.brutosky@wisc.edu  (608) 263-4734
Vacant Publicist & Concert Manager
Brian Heller Facilities Director facilities@music.wisc.edu (608) 263-1893
Ria Hodgson Music Engagement & Outreach Coordinator meo@music.wisc.edu (608) 265-2173
Lance Ketterer Recording Engineer ketterer@wisc.edu (608) 263-1888
Melissa Lee Financial Specialist mklee9@wisc.edu (608) 263-1898
Baoli Liu Piano Technician baoliliu@wisc.edu (608) 263-1887
Kerry O’Neill Shipping & Mail Associate mailroom@music.wisc.edu (608) 263-2038
Rachel M. Sauer Curriculum Specialist rmmeyer1@wisc.edu (608) 262-9729
Kathryn Szombatfalvy Community Music Lessons Coordinator cml@music.wisc.edu 
Mark Ultsch Piano Repair & Tuning Specialist ultsch@music.wisc.edu (608) 263-1887

Admissions & Advising
James Doing, Jr. Graduate Admissions Coordinator gradadmissions@music.wisc.edu (608) 263-3220
Marina Drake Graduate Student Coordinator msdrake@wisc.edu (608) 263-5016
Jared Jellison Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator admissions@music.wisc.edu (608) 263-5986
John C. Stowe Director of Graduate Studies dgs@music.wisc.edu (608) 262-9295
Kayde Zimmerle Undergraduate Advisor ugradadvisor@music.wisc.edu  (608) 263-1918

Student Performing Organizations and Ensembles
Jenna Julian Performing Organizations Coordinator performingorgs@music.wisc.edu (608) 263-1770
Kristin Shafel Performing Organizations Coordinator performingorgs@music.wisc.edu (608) 263-1770
Melanie Wulfekuhle Performing Organizations Coordinator performingorgs@music.wisc.edu (608) 263-1770

Hire a Musician/Gig Request Website

University Leadership
Rebecca M. Blank Chancellor
Sarah Mangelsdorf Provost
John Karl Scholz Dean, College of Letters & Science
Lea Jacobs Graduate School Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities
Susan Zaeske
L&S Associate Dean for Advancement, Arts & Humanities

UW Foundation
Rebekah Sherman Director of Development email (608) 572-2077

Division of the Arts
The Division of the Arts is dedicated to developing inter and trans-disciplinary curriculum and research between the arts and other disciplines across the UW-Madison Campus.