Mental & Neurological Health

Neurological conditions and Mental Health Issues can affect musicians in many ways. Neurological conditions can affect the quality and ease of a musicians movements. Overcoming Mental Health Issues such as anxiety can be key to finding success in a performance-based career.

Neurological Conditions & Movement Disorders

Neurological Conditions and Movement Disorders can affect the speed, smoothness, quality, and ease of an individual’s movement. These conditions can affect the voice, hands, head, neck or any other part of the body. There are two categories of movement disorders:

  • Hypokinesia: exhibited through slow or absent voluntary movement
  • Hyperkinesia: exhibited through excessive or involuntary movement

To learn more about these disorders and the conditions that cause them, please visit UW Health’s Movement Disorders Page. UW Health’s Movement Disorders Program, based at UW Hospital and Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin, provides a breadth of expertise and a range of services unmatched in the region.

Movement Disorders Clinic
(608) 262-0550

Counseling & Mental Health

Counseling Support

Student support at UW-Madison reaches beyond finances. Our faculty and staff at the School of Music care deeply about their students. We understand that sometimes life gets tough, and students need someone to talk to. While we treat our students like family, we strongly encourage them to seek professional help through Counseling and Consultation Services. This on-campus resource is available for students, parents, faculty, and staff. C&CS offers face-to-face appointments, group counseling, as well as a 24-Hour Mental Health Crisis Services Hotline. No problem is too small, and mental health is vital for all of our students.

Performance Anxiety

Treatment programs are available to deal with a variety of issues, including work and personal stress, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol dependency and ongoing supportive services. Sport psychologists provide guidance in mind-body skills for peak performance. UW Health Sports Medicine offers sport psychology services for athletes who want to best use their mental and emotional skills to achieve peak athletic performance.

Visit UW-Health’s Sports Performance Page for more information

Health Psychology

Health Psychology services aim to promote health and prevent disease through appropriately specialized psychological health care. This specialized care of patients acknowledges the critical links between mind, body and spirit in achieving the highest quality of life.

Visit UW-Health’s Health Psychology Page for more information