Jill Hogan
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music Education
Office: 5556 Humanities
Phone: (608) 890-1608
Email: hogan8@wisc.edu
Personal website: www.jillhoganinboston.com

Jill Hogan

Jill Hogan is a visiting faculty member in Music Education at the University of Wisconsin Madison and completing her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology in the Arts & Mind Lab at Boston College. She holds an M.M. in Music Education and a B.M. in Clarinet Performance from Boston Conservatory. Jill uses mixed- and multi-methods to investigate what we learn from participating in arts education, and what people believe is learned from arts participation. Her research focuses primarily on habits of mind in music and visual art education. These refer to broad ways of thinking that are useful in multiple domains such as persistence, working for the common good, goal-setting, and risk taking. Her book, Studio Thinking from the Start: The K-8 Art Educator’s Handbook, was published 2018 by Teachers College Press, and she has published research in Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Frontiers in Psychology, and the Oxford Handbook of Philosophical and Qualitative Approaches to Assessment in Music Education. Currently, Jill is researching the habits of mind that high school music ensemble conductors teach, children’s perceptions of what is learned in music and art class, artistic thinking displayed on making-centered reality shows, and the effects of orchestral training on executive functioning in young children. Her work has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. Before returning to graduate school, Jill taught general music for six years in schools that specialize in giftedness, special needs inclusion, and the autism spectrum population.