Information for Students

General Facilties Policies

School of Music facilities are maintained strictly for the use of music majors and non-music majors who are enrolled in courses offered by the School. The School’s administration and campus security have the responsibility and legal right to ask persons violating these rules to vacate the space being used.

State law and University Statutes prohibit the use of State facilities, including all music buildings, for the production of private income. Practice rooms and studios are not to be used for private teaching of vocal or instrumental music. If such activity is observed, it should be reported to Brian Heller, Facilities Director,

  1. Use of all rooms must be reserved through facilities. For the security and safety of both students and property, any room not in use must be closed and locked. Report any vacant unlocked rooms or spaces to the facilities office immediately. Failure to properly secure spaces after use will result in the actions below.
  2. Students may be away from their practice rooms for a maximum of 15 minutes. When students are attending classes, lessons, rehearsals or meals, keys must be returned to the Key Desk in Room 1650 so that others may use the practice rooms. No key should ever leave the building.
  3. Your room must be left in neat condition for the next occupant, regardless of the condition in which it was found. No food or drink (except water) is allowed in the practice or rehearsal rooms! If a practice room or rehearsal room is found in sub-standard condition, you must leave it up to standard. Notify the Key Desk Monitor of any improprieties.Use of classrooms:
    When not scheduled for classes, classrooms may be scheduled for small ensemble or sectional rehearsals. All participants in small groups must have paid for rehearsal room access individually or as part of a facilities package. This is not a substitute for practice rooms, i.e. not for use by an individual. Classrooms may NOT be checked out just for having a larger practice space. The only exception to this rule is for a rehearsal WITH a faculty member as specific recital/jury/performance preparation. Use of the 2500 classrooms is restricted to after business hours. In order to schedule a classroom for rehearsal, submit this form in advance:

    General assignment classrooms are NOT to be used for practice at any time. The GA rooms are under the management of Campus Events Services (262-2511).

    Failure to adhere to these policies will result in the following action:

  1. First Offense: You will receive a verbal warning and/or written note from the Facilities Office.
  2. Second Offense: Your practice room access will be revoked for seven days, and your major professor will be notified of the issue. The seven-day suspension will not be applied during breaks: Semester break, spring break, summer, break.
  3. Third Offense: Your practice room access will be revoked indefinitely, and will not be reinstated until you meet with the director of the School of Music regarding the issue.
  4. Fourth Offense: Your practice room access will be revoked for the remainder of the term, without refund.

Check Room Availability

NOTE: First, log into Google with your NetID. If you see a calendar that features only “busy” rooms, then you are not properly logged in.

In the Hamel Music Center, 740 University Avenue

Collins Recital Hall 300 seats, Grand Piano

Mead Witter Hall 650 seats (including an 86-seat choral loft), Grand Piano

Lee/Kaufman Rehearsal Hall

In the Humanities Building, 455 North Park Street

1321  Band/Orchestra Rehearsal Hall

1341  Band/Orchestra Rehearsal Hall

1351  Choral Rehearsal Hall

2411  Classroom, 40 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2441  Classroom, 40 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2451  Classroom, 20 seats, Audio Playback, Upright Piano

2511  Classroom, 20 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2521  Classroom, 20 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2531  Classroom, 20 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2541  Classroom, 12 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2551  Classroom, 12 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2561  Electronic Piano Lab, 12 seats, Audio Playback

5520  5th Floor Lounge, 12 seats, Upright Piano

Mills Hall  Concert hall, 680 seats, Grand Piano

Morphy Hall  Recital Hall, 175 seats, Grand Piano

Music Hall Concert Hall, 350 seats, Grand Piano

Request Rehearsal Venue

Request a rehearsal venue (internal scheduling calendar).
Please note: 48 hours’ advance notice required.

Types of Fees

School of Music fees include:
• Choral Folders
• Practice Room Access
• Recital Fees
• Locker Rentals
• Ensemble fees
• Course Fees
• Community Music Lessons

Some fees may be grouped to purchase as a package. Learn more below.

General Facilities Fees
General Practice Access (majors):  General practice access (upright pianos) for music majors.
$125 per semester.
General Practice Access (non-majors): General practice access (upright pianos) for CML students & non-music majors who are enrolled in a School of Music course.
 $125 per semester
Recital Fee: Access to performance spaces for a School of Music student recital.
 $50 per recital
Lockers:  Access to School of Music lockers located in the Humanities building.
 $50 per semester, $100 per year
. Please note: There is a $50 fine for unauthorized locker usage.
Rehearsal Access:  Classroom & rehearsal hall access for independent rehearsals.
 $125 per semester.
Performance Hall Access: Music major access to concert venues for rehearsals and recording sessions.
 $35 per use

Music major packages
Music Facilities Fee Package One: General practice access (upright pianos), locker access, course/ensemble fees, & rehearsal access.  APPROVED FOR ALL GENERAL INSTRUMENTALISTS.
 $120 per semester, $240 per year
Music Facilities Fee Package Two:  Specialty practice access (for grand piano & percussion access), locker access, course/ensemble fees, & rehearsal access.  VOICE, PIANO, & PERCUSSION MAJORS ONLY.
 $137.50 per semester, $275 per year

Purchase any or all of these online.

You may also pay your fees in person in Room 4554, Humanities. Business hours are 9-11 and 1-3, M-F.

Cash is not accepted. Credit cards, Wiscard, and personal checks are accepted. Save your receipt in the event that verification is required. After access is activated, visit the key desk in room 1650 with your Wiscard to receive a practice room key.

Practice Room Information & Policies

Who may use the practice rooms?

Music students and students enrolled in a School of Music course will be authorized to use practice rooms. The different types of practice room access are as follows:

  • Grand Piano Access –practice rooms with grand pianos, for piano and vocal majors only
  • General Access – standard practice rooms with upright pianos, for general instrumentalists, theory and composition majors
  • Organ Access – practice rooms with organs and harpsichords, for organ majors only
  • Percussion Access – practice rooms with percussion instruments and equipment, for percussion majors only
  • Non-Music Major – standard practice rooms with upright pianos, for non-majors who are enrolled in School of Music courses. Please note: This access is not valid between 11:00am and 4:00pm on weekdays. These hours of peak activity are reserved for music majors only.

Where do I get a key to a practice room?

The key desk is located in 1650 Humanities. Students enrolled in music courses will exchange their UW Wiscard card for a key. No other forms of ID are accepted.

When is the Key Desk open? Regular fall and spring semester hours are 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, Monday through Saturday, and 10:00 am to 11:00 pm on Sundays. These hours are subject to change at holidays and breaks in the academic calendar. Summer hours are 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, seven days a week.



  • Lockers are for students enrolled in at least one School of Music class, including any performance ensemble. Locker use must be renewed for each period of use – academic year, semester, or summer.
  • You will be assigned to a specific locker in the Humanities Building after your order has been approved. Your final confirmation email will contain your locker assignment.
  • Facilities personnel at the key desk in Room 1650 will give you access to the locker.
  • Users must provide their own lock (subject to approval by Facilities office). Personal locks are subject to removal after the paid use period ends.
  • Lock removal and locker cleanout by the Facilities office may incur an additional charge to the registered locker user.

Repertoire & Programs

The School of Music creates printed programs for faculty, guest, and ensemble concerts. We do not create programs for student recitals.

Please follow formatting instructions in the PDF below to create your program.

Guide to Program Formatting (PDF)

Calendaring & Publicity

The School of Music maintains its own calendar of events. It is entirely separate from the room scheduling calendar.

Click to view calendar

To place your previously-scheduled concert, recital or event on this calendar, please fill out this form. Events that have not been scheduled with Facilities will not be included.

The School maintains a Facebook page and sends an e-newsletter, twice each month during the busy concert season. Space is limited, and inclusion in these is not guaranteed.

To be considered for inclusion in one or both of these, we suggest:

– Consider what makes your event musically unique, personal, or intellectually interesting. Is there a theme? Are there notable performers or speakers? Is there a background story? How would you pitch it to a friend?

Images may be sent to this address. Please provide captions and proofread names.