Information for Faculty

Check Room Availability

NOTE: First, log into Google with your NetID. If you see a calendar that features only “busy” rooms, then you are not properly logged in.

In the Hamel Music Center, 740 University Avenue

Collins Recital Hall 300 seats, Grand Piano

Mead Witter Hall 650 seats (including an 86-seat choral loft), Grand Piano

Lee/Kaufman Rehearsal Hall

In the Humanities Building, 455 North Park Street

1321  Band/Orchestra Rehearsal Hall

1341  Band/Orchestra Rehearsal Hall

1351  Choral Rehearsal Hall

2411  Classroom, 40 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2441  Classroom, 40 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2451  Classroom, 20 seats, Audio Playback, Upright Piano

2511  Classroom, 20 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2521  Classroom, 20 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2531  Classroom, 20 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2541  Classroom, 12 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2551  Classroom, 12 seats, Audio/Visual Playback, Grand Piano

2561  Electronic Piano Lab, 12 seats, Audio Playback

5520  5th Floor Lounge, 12 seats, Upright Piano

Mills Hall  Concert hall, 680 seats, Grand Piano

Morphy Hall  Recital Hall, 175 seats, Grand Piano

Music Hall Concert Hall, 350 seats, Grand Piano

Reserve Rehearsal Venue

Request a rehearsal venue (internal scheduling calendar).
 Please note: 48 hours advance notice required.

List your concert on the website

The School of Music maintains its own calendar of events. It is entirely separate from the room scheduling calendar.

Click to view calendar

To place your concert, recital or event on this calendar, please fill out this form. We do not list events that have not been confirmed with Facilities.

Additional Publicity

Confirmed events are submitted to the university events calendar. If you believe your event has been overlooked or missed, please contact Eric Murtaugh.

The School maintains a Facebook page and sends an e-newsletter, twice each month during the busy concert season. Space is limited, and inclusion in these is not guaranteed.

To be considered for inclusion in one or both of these, we suggest:

– Consider what makes your event musically unique, personal, or intellectually interesting. Is there a theme? Are there notable performers or speakers? Is there a background story? How would you pitch it to a friend?

Ticketed events automatically receive extra publicity.

Repertoire & Programs

The School of Music creates printed programs for faculty, guest, and ensemble concerts. We do not create programs for student recitals.

Programs must include the following and should be provided to staff two weeks in advance of each event.

– Program order for each piece.
⁃ Title of piece to be performed
⁃ Name of larger work, opus number, year of composition
⁃ Composer name and years of birth and death
⁃ Transcriber or arranger, if applicable
⁃ Movements to be performed, with appropriate numbering and title descriptions
⁃ Accompanist and other assisting personnel
⁃ Approximate duration of piece
– Intermission placement (or absence)
– Estimated running time of performance

Please follow formatting instructions in the PDF below to create your program.

Guide to Program Formatting (PDF)

Concert Program Template (Word)