Gifts in Action

Every day, gifts from alumni and friends of the department make a difference in students’ lives. Below, meet a few of our many exceptional music majors, and see how gifts from people like you have benefited their experiences at UW–Madison.

Your gifts in action:

Undergraduate Students

  • Brittany Sperberg, BM trombone (pictured at right): “I was awarded the Jeanette Ginzl Scholarship, Edda Valborg Ofstie Scholarship, Raymond F. Dvorak Music Education Award, and Full Compass Foundation Scholarship. I also received another scholarship through the School of Music. If it were not for these scholarships, I am not sure I would have been able to stay at UW–Madison. I am touched by the generosity others have shown me and want to impact others through my music, just as others have influenced me. Read about Brittany’s achievements, including the Dairyland Jazz Band that she organized herself.
  • Jacob Wolbert, BM percussion: “Thanks to these scholarships (the Hilldale Undergraduate Research Grant and a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship), I have been able to further my love of Brazilian music, develop a better understanding of the Portuguese language, and connect with people across the university and country that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to connect with.” Read more about Jacob’s ethnomusicology fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro.

Graduate Students

  • Eleanor Bartsch, MM violin: “The Paul Collins Distinguished Wisconsin Fellowship has been an amazing opportunity for me. Because of it, I am able to focus solely on my music career and on decisions about the future. After my undergraduate degree, I worked several different non-musical jobs. Although I have to admit that the stability was nice, I really looked forward to getting back to the music. The Collins has allowed me to make that transition with ease.” Read more about Eleanor and her sister Alice’s burgeoning careers.
  • Philip Bergman, MM cello: “I applied to several other schools, but chose to come to UW to study with Professor Vardi in part because I was lucky enough to be offered a Paul Collins Distinguished Wisconsin Fellowship. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Collins this past fall when I performed with a quintet at a banquet. I thanked Mr. Collins not only for his support of my education, but for his role in creating some of the finest positions available to student musicians in this country.” Read more about Philip’s upcoming move to Japan, where he will be a member of the Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra.
  • Jeremy Zima, PhD musicology: Jeremy received a number of awards while at UW–Madison, including a Wisconsin Musicology Fellowship (2011) and a Vilas Travel Grant (2012). Read more about Jeremy’s research.
Brittany Sperberg

For help making a gift, or to discuss other giving opportunities, please contact:

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