You may apply for Fall 2019 starting Wednesday, September 5, 2018.

Graduate Admissons

To apply to the School of Music graduate program, you must first apply to the UW-Madison Graduate School. Once you have completed your Graduate School application, you will receive an invitation to complete the School of Music application. Both applications are online, and no materials need to be mailed. Please note that there is a 2-3 day processing period between the two applications.

Below, you will find detailed information regarding application requirements, the application process and timeline, and funding opportunities at the School of Music. Before you apply, be sure to read the Graduate Application Guide thoroughly in order to determine your eligibility for admission.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact James Doing, Jr., who is the Graduate Admissions & Funding Coordinator for the School of Music.

Please read all of this information carefully before you begin!

  • Graduate Application Guide

    Review the Graduate Application Guide thoroughly before applying. The guide contains detailed instructions, information about the School of Music, and a link to begin the application.


    • I’m interested in UW-Madison. What do I need to know?

    • What do I need to prepare for my application?

    • How do I apply?

    • I have completed my application. What happens now?

    Important documents:

    • Sample “Statement of Purpose”

    • Recording Requirements

    • Audition Requirements

  • Application Deadline: December 1

    All application materials are due on Saturday, December 1, 2018. The application process requires the completion of two separate applications (one for the Graduate School, one for the School of Music) and can take up to 5 days from start to finish.

    Note: The School of Music only accepts new students in the Fall. Please do not apply for Spring or Summer admission.

  • Audition Dates

    You have three options for scheduling your audition:

    • Saturday, November 17, 2018 (early audition, file must be complete by 11/1)
    • Saturday, January 19, 2019
    • Saturday, February 9, 2019

    Note: International students will not be offered an audition unless they have submitted a valid TOEFL score (see below).

  • International Students

    1. Must submit a TOEFL score of 85 or higher. Graduate degrees in the School of Music require a high level of reading, writing, and speaking ability. If you cannot submit an official score of 85+ by December 1, 2018, please do not apply. Although the Graduate School offers to waive this requirement for U.S. degree holders, the School of Music does not grant waivers. Please contact James (below) with questions.

    2. Must complete the Financial Statement. If you are admitted to the Graduate School, you will be asked to complete a Financial Statement showing possession of sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses for one year. Click here for the current amount required. Funding stipends in the School of Music will cover most, but not all, of these expenses.

  • Admission Statistics

    Application and admission statistics are available for the following years:







Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is my application due?

Short answer: Both applications and all materials, including tests scores, are due on December 1.

Long answer: PLAN AHEAD! There is a 2-3 day waiting period between submission of the Graduate School application and completion of the School of Music application, due to technical processing that needs to happen at the Graduate School. If you wait until November 30 to submit your Graduate School application, you will most likely not receive your School of Music application link until December 2, which means all of your materials will technically be late. You will not be penalized for this delay, but faculty WILL begin reviewing applications on December 1, and an incomplete file will not make a good impression. You will not be allowed to submit your Graduate School application after 11:59 PM on December 1.

2. Do I need to send official transcripts?

Short answer: No, not until you have been recommended for admission by the School of Music.

Long answer: You will upload an unofficial scan of your transcript or grade report to the initial application. This is all that we need for departmental purposes. Once you have been recommended for admission by the School of Music, the Graduate School will request an official transcript in order to finalize your admission. Please do not mail anything to the Graduate School until you have been requested to do so!

3. Do I need to wait until all of my letters are received before submitting the Graduate School application?

Short answer: No. Please submit your Graduate School application as soon as you have filled in all the required information.

Long answer: You will enter the contact information for your recommenders as part of the Graduate School application, but you do NOT need to wait until the letters have been received before submitting the application. Please submit the Graduate School application as soon as you can so that you can gain access to the School of Music application in a timely fashion.

4. Have you received my letters of recommendation?

Short answer: Check your MyUW application status page:

Long answer: Shortly after submitting your Graduate School application, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing the MyUW application status page. Here, you will see a checklist of materials. When your letters of recommendation are received, they will be automatically marked off in within 24 hours. This is the same list that we see. So, please do not inquire about the status of your letters!

5. One or more of my recommenders have not submitted their letters. What can I do?

Short answer: Log back into your Graduate School application to send them reminders.

Long answer: Shortly after submitting your Graduate School application, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your application in the future. Inside the application, you will be able to send “second requests” to any or all of your recommenders. They will receive a reminder email within 24 hours. You may also enter additional recommenders if you wish.

6. I need to make a change to my School of Music application after submitting. What can I do?

Short answer: Please send a request to James (below).

Long answer: After submitting the School of Music application, you will no longer have access to the database. Please be sure that you have uploaded the correct recordings and statement of purpose before submitting the application. If you notice that anything is missing or needs to be changed, please send a request to James (below), who will make the change for you.


Graduate Admissions & Funding Coordinator  

James Doing, Jr.

(608) 263-3220

5553 Humanities Building
455 N. Park St.
Madison, WI 53706