Graduate Double Degree (Master’s only)

The School of Music and the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) offer a double degree program for Master’s students. Students will fully complete both degrees with some overlap (see below). Any Master’s degree in the School of Music may be combined with the SLIS degree.
  • Program Requirements

    To fulfill the requirements for the double degree, students must:

    • Fulfill the requirements for the SLIS master’s degree. Students may apply 9 credits from the School of Music to the SLIS degree. While the SLIS master’s degree is typically 42 credits, the 9-credit allowance from the School of Music reduces the SLIS degree to 33 credits. There can be no more than 25% overlap (of the total credits for the program with the lowest credit requirement).
    • Fulfill the requirements for the School of Music master’s degree. The School of Music offers multiple degrees and areas of study. The requirements for the degree vary depending upon the area of study. When an area of study offers elective credits, students may use SLIS courses to fulfill their electives. For example, the M.A. in Music History requires 7 credits of electives, which can be fulfilled by 7 credits from SLIS.
    • While fulfilling the requirements for each degree, students must take the following courses:

           LIS or MUS 619: Music Research Methods and Materials

           Music Librarianship (course under development)

           LIS 620: Field Project in Library and Information Agencies at Mills Music Library or other music or music-related library

    • Some School of Music degrees require French or German at the intermediate level. Students in programs that do not have this requirement should consider attaining it.
  • Contact Information

    School of Music Graduate Admissions Coordinator:

    James Doing, Jr. / / (608) 263-3220

    SLIS Student Services Coordinator:

    Tanya Cobb / / (608) 263-2909