American composer Trevor Bača grew up in Texas. His concerns as a composer include lost and secret texts; broken and dismembered systems; sorcery, divination and magic; and the effects, action and beauty of light. Bača’s music has been played throughout the world, with recent performances in Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Cincinnati, Cologne, Curitiba, Darmstadt, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Huddersfield, Leuven, Ljubljana, Los Angeles, Lyon, Maastricht, New York, San Diego, San Fraction, Seoul, Thessaloniki, Tokyo, Trieste, Würzburg and elsewhere.

Bača’s music has been played by soloists and ensembles around the world. Ensembles include the Argento Ensemble (New York); Callithumpian Consort (Boston); Distractfold (Manchester); Either/Or (New York); Ensemble Dal Niente (Chicago); Ensemble Echoi (San Diego); Ensemble Mosaik (Berlin); ensemble recherche (Freiburg); Ensemble SurPlus (Freiburg); the JACK Quartet (New York); manufaktur für aktuelle musik (Cologne); Talea Ensemble (New York); and others. Bača’s music has been anthologized as part of Notations 21 (edited by Theresa Sauer) and Bača’s scores have been exhibited as art at the Chelsea Gallery in New York City and at the Hutchins Gallery on Long Island. Bača holds a PhD in music composition from Harvard University.

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