Undergraduate Admissions

Are you considering applying to the UW-Madison School of Music? Why Wisconsin?

Before you apply, review the application steps below. Auditions will be scheduled and admissions decisions will be made only when your application file is complete. For information regarding student financial support, click here.

We encourage you to visit our campus before applying. Click here for more information.

If you have questions about the application and audition process, please contact Jared Jellison, who is the Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator for the School of Music (see below).

Auditions for entry in Fall 2017

Saturday, November 19
Students seeking early entry in Spring 2017 must audition on this date.
Application deadline: 10/31/16
*Flute: Please note that Professor Stephanie Jutt will NOT be available on this day.

Saturday, January 28
Application deadline: 12/31/16

Saturday, February 25
Application deadline: 1/31/17

NOTE: You are applying to both UW-Madison and the School of Music. Admission to the School of Music is contingent upon admission to the University, so make sure you apply to general admissions before submitting your School of Music application. Also, keep in mind that the general admissions procedure and the School of Music application/audition process are separate but concurrent processes. The School of Music evaluates prospective music majors on the basis of their application and audition, but University of Wisconsin Admissions has its own requirements and deadlines. Admission to the School of Music is contingent on admission to the university.

  • 1. Apply online to UW-Madison

    The UW-Madison application is available starting in September. Apply early and make sure all requested materials are received by their deadline. The School of Music is accepting applications from September 2 until January 31. Please note that you do not have to wait until you have been formally admitted to UW-Madison to apply to the School of Music. A campus ID number will be sent to you via email 1-2 days after submitting the online UW-Madison application. Once you have received this number, you can move on to step 2.

  • 2. Apply to the School of Music

    You will submit the following materials, explained in detail in the Undergraduate Application Guide, which you should read carefully before applying.

    1. School of Music application

    Download form and send via email after completion

    2. Two recommendation letters

    Download form — This form must accompany each letter of recommendation

    3. A music resume in .pdf or .doc format (email to admissions@music.wisc.edu)

    4. Copies of your audition repertoire (for Voice applicants only, see area page)

    5. Supplementary materials (for Composition applicants only, see area page)

    Once your application is received, you will receive an email confirmation within 1-2 weeks. Status updates to your file are sent as we receive new materials, generally on a monthly basis. When all required materials are received, you will receive another email to verify completion. Once your audition has been scheduled, you will receive another email with audition day details.

  • 3. Complete an Audition

    You will indicate your desired audition date in your School of Music application (see above).

    The School of Music will notify you of your specific audition time at least one week preceding the date you have chosen on your application. Until that time, please plan to be available all day. Auditions vary in duration from 10 to 30 minutes, performed for the faculty in your chosen area of study.

    • Click here for audition repertoire requirements by area. Check your area page for more detailed information.

      • Jazz applicants, click here.
      • Composition applicants, click here.

    Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator if you would like to submit a recorded audition, since not all areas permit them. If you audition by submitting a recording, be aware that the audition process is only final upon an audition in person for the faculty of the relevant area.

    Students who submit a recorded audition are not eligible for music scholarship consideration.

  • 4. Take a Music Theory Exam

    On your selected audition day, the Music Theory Area will give a diagnostic theory exam to determine your preparedness for first-year theory course work. Click here for more information and a sample test.

    • Please note that your performance on the music theory exam has no bearing on whether or not you are admitted to the School of Music. This test is used for placement purposes upon enrollment.
  • 5. Audition for Piano Proficiency

    Note: Not applicable to piano majors.

    Some level of piano proficiency is expected in every music degree program. Students who did not take a piano placement exam on one of our scheduled audition days should sign up for a placement exam. Students who can may play a piece of their choice. Music does not need to be memorized. We recommend that students practice piano over the summer in preparation for piano placement in the fall. Students who have never taken piano lessons are encouraged to begin lessons over the summer if at all possible.

    Piano Proficiency Placement Information

    Piano Proficiency Placement Criteria

    • Please note that your performance on the piano proficiency exam has no bearing on whether or not you are admitted to the School of Music. This test is used for placement purposes upon enrollment.


Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator:   Jared Jellison



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