Music Facilities

The George L. Mosse Humanities Building, named for renowned UW-Madison cultural historian George Lachmann Mosse (1918-1999), houses most of the School of Music program activities and facilities, which include faculty offices and studios, nine classrooms, and three large rehearsal rooms, each specifically designed for use by choral, band, and orchestra rehearsals. Students may practice in one of 111 practice rooms, some of which are available for small ensemble rehearsals. Grand pianos are available for piano majors. Three halls are kept busy with a full schedule of concerts, recitals, master classes, and large-enrollment classes.

Mills Hall, seating 700, is the scene of most major recitals by faculty and concerts by student performing organizations. Morphy Hall, with a capacity of 170, is used primarily for student solo and small ensemble recitals. Eastman Organ Recital Hall, designed for organ recitals and teaching, houses an Austin pipe organ of 54 ranks and seats approximately 160.

We are happy to announce that in 2016, construction will commence on new performance spaces for the School of Music.

New this year: Online signup for student recitals! See tab below.

The website below provides links to reserve practice rooms, pay fees, register for events, and much more.

Patrick Coughlin, Facilities Manager
(608) 263-1893
UW-Madison School of Music,
1650 Humanities (first floor, down the hall from the lounge)
455 N. Park Street, Madison WI 53706

How to Access Practice Rooms

1. Complete an online application no earlier than two weeks before classes begin.

2. Online payment for practice room access can be made using a credit card. If successful, access will be activated by the end of the next business day (often sooner).

3. Payment for practice room access can also be made in the School of Music office in 3561 Humanities during normal business hours. Credit cards and Wiscard are accepted. Once payment is made, TAKE THE RECEIPT TO THE FACILITIES OFFICE, room 1650 Humanities. Access will not be activated until this happens.

4. After access is activated, exchange your UW-Madison student ID card for a practice room key, according to the School of Music’s guidelines (See “Practice Room Policies,” below).

5. Violations or inappropriate behavior may result in revocation of practice room access.

Facilities Fees

Facilities Fee Packages (for music majors only)

Music Facilities Fee Package One:  General practice access (upright pianos), locker access, course/ensemble fees, & rehearsal access.  APPROVED FOR ALL GENERAL INSTRUMENTALISTS.
$145 per semester, $290 per year

Music Facilities Fee Package Two:  Specialty practice access (for grand piano & percussion access), locker access, course/ensemble fees, & rehearsal access.  VOICE, PIANO, & PERCUSSION MAJORS ONLY.
$162.50 per semester, $325 per year

General Facilities Fees

General Practice Access:  General practice access (upright pianos) for music majors, CML students, & non-music majors who are enrolled in a School of Music course.
$100 per semester, $200 per year

Recital Fee:  Access to performance spaces for a School of Music Student Recital
$50 per recital

Lockers:  Access to School of Music lockers located in the Humanities building.
$50 per semester, $100 per year
Please note: There is a $50 fine for unauthorized locker usage

Rehearsal Access:  Classroom & rehearsal hall access for independent rehearsals.
$125 per semester, $250 per year

Performance Hall Access:  Music Major access to Mills & Morphy for rehearsals and recording sessions
$35 per use

Practice Room Policies

1. Students may be away from their practice rooms for a maximum of 15 minutes. When students are attending classes, lessons, rehearsals or meals, keys must be returned to the Key Desk in Room 1631 so that others may use the practice rooms. No key should ever leave the building.

2. Your room must be left in neat condition for the next occupant, regardless of the condition in which it was found. No food or drink (except water) is allowed in the practice rooms! If a practice room or rehearsal room is found in sub-standard condition, you must leave it up to standard. Notify the Key Desk Monitor of any improprieties.

3. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in the following action:

  1. First Offense: You will receive a verbal warning from the Facilities Office.
  2. Second Offense: Your practice room access will be revoked for seven days, and your major professor will be notified of the issue.
  3. Third Offense: Your practice room access will be revoked indefinitely, and will not be reinstated until you meet with the director of the School of Music regarding the issue.
  4. Fourth Offense: Your practice room access will be revoked for the remainder of the term, without refund.

How to Rent a Locker

1. Complete an online application.

2. Online payment is preferred for locker fees, and can be made using a credit card.

3.  Locker fees can also be paid in the School of Music office in 3561 Humanities during normal business hours. Credit cards and Wiscard are accepted. Once payment is made, TAKE THE RECEIPT TO THE FACILITIES OFFICE, room 1650 Humanities.

After your order has been approved, your final confirmation email will contain your locker assignment. Provide your own padlock.

Schedule your grad or undergrad recital - Now online!

This form is for enrolled students only, who wish to schedule a solo or chamber student recital. Requests for graduate recitals or undergraduate degree recitals may be submitted starting on the first day of the academic term in which that recital will take place. All other recital requests may be submitted on or after the second week of classes of the academic term in which the recital will take place.

Click here to go to a Google fill-in form.

Other Special Facilities in the Humanities Building

Other special facilities within the Humanities Building include:

  • The Music Education Curriculum Laboratory, where music education materials are available for student and faculty use.
  • The state-of-the-art Music Computer Lab, with 10 music workstations including Macintosh computers, ranks as the most sophisticated among similar facilities in American universities. Students have access to Logic Pro 7.2, ProTools, Sibelius 5, and Midi keyboards.
  • Another large room houses the Javanese gamelan and is the location of Non-Western Music Performance Study classes.
  • The Digital Music Studio has recently been updated to offer students in composition and electronic music a broad array of tools for creative work.
  • A fully equipped recording studio produces professional-quality recordings of select faculty and large ensemble concerts presented by the School of Music.
  • The school’s extensive collection of instruments, both common and unusual, is available to both faculty and students.
  • The Raymond F. Dvorak Gallery, located in the main lobby of the Humanities Building, showcases the rich history of music at UW-Madison.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may use the practice rooms?

Music students and students enrolled in a School of Music course will be authorized to use practice rooms. The different types of practice room access are as follows:

  • Grand Piano Access –practice rooms with grand pianos, for piano and vocal majors only
  • General Access – standard practice rooms with upright pianos, for general instrumentalists, theory and composition majors
  • Organ Access – practice rooms with organs and harpsichords, for organ majors only
  • Percussion Access – practice rooms with percussion instruments and equipment, for percussion majors only
  • Non-Music Major – standard practice rooms with upright pianos, for non-majors who are enrolled in School of Music courses. This access is NOT VALID between 11:00am and 4:00pm on weekdays. These hours of peak activity are reserved for MUSIC MAJORS ONLY.

Where do I get a key to a practice room?

The Key Desk is located in 1631 Humanities. Students enrolled in music courses will exchange their UW ID card for a key. No other forms of ID are accepted.

When is the Key Desk open? Regular fall and spring semester hours are 8:00am to 11:00pm, Monday through Saturday, and 10:00am to 11:00pm on Sundays. These hours are subject to change at holidays and breaks in the academic calendar. Summer hours are 12:00pm to 8:00pm, seven days a week.

How long may I practice? You may practice as long as you like, at any time you like, within the hours the Key Desk is open. If you are not practicing please return the key so that others may practice. Always observe the 15-minute rule.

Where may I rehearse chamber music if an individual practice room is too small for 4+ people?

Reserve classroom space in 1650 Humanities. One person should have specific dates/times in mind that work for the entire group before entering 1650, for the sake of efficiency.